Friday, December 17, 2010

Logitech gaming mouse

What’s your mouse type?

Wireless? Comfortable? Laptop-ready? A button for every finger? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a mouse for you.

Saitek gaming mouse

Saitek is a well-known gaming peripheral company 
When it comes to gaming peripherals, Saitek is a name that’s right up there with the best of them. However, while it’s strongly associated with gamepads, joysticks and wheels, it’s not really known for its mice, leaving that area to the likes of Microsoft and Logitech
. In fact, Saitek only has one current mouse on its roster at the moment and that’s this one, known quite informatively, as the Saitek PC Gaming Mouse.

saitek gamimg mouse

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Razer gaming mouse

Razer is more than just the world's leading brand in gaming.which makes

best gaming mouse

click here to view the detail of razer gaming mouse

Mircrosoft sidewinder gaming mouse

 view the complete detail of microsoft sidewinder gaming mouse

A4TECH gaming mouse

A4 Tech has the latest in Optical technology ,  using these engines in most of the latest mouse products .   A4 Tech makes many different shapes and sizes of pointing devices.
A4 Tech maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to develop ,  for it's within the discipline of development that yesterday's fiction becomes tomorrow's reality .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mircrosoft sidewinder

There are various kind of gaming mouse that Microsoft offers.Such as
Mircrosoft sidewinder  x3 mouse
Mircrosoft sidewinder  x5 mouse
Mircrosoft sidewinder  x8 mouse

Elevate your skills with a revolutionary mouse designed to provide you with unprecedented performance, handling, and adaptability. Customize your mouse with every game you play using advanced software and adjustable accessories. Use the first ever LCD display on a gaming mouse for macro recording and DPI settings to reduce on-screen interference during game play. 


  • Shape Designed for Handling

    The unique shape and button positions are engineered for fast, comfortable, precise gaming action.

  • On-the-Fly DPI Switching

    Three buttons instantly switch between DPI 400, 800, and 2000 - or you can customize settings using special software.

  • First-Ever LCD Display on a Mouse

    DPI settings and macro recording icons are displayed on the mouse to reduce on-screen interference.

  • Cable Anchor + Accessories Storage Box

    Enjoy wired performance with the feel of wireless, easily adjust your cable configuration, and conveniently stow away your accessories.

  • Quick Launch Button

    One-touch takes you to Games Explorer in Windows Vista. Easily access your games on your PC.

  • Device Stage

    Quickly and easily access common tasks, including product information, registration, settings and more for popular devices such as cell phones, cameras, printers, and mouse, keyboard and webcam products.

  • 5 Programmable Main Buttons

    Customize your main gaming buttons to your preference.

  • Advanced Gaming Software

    Buttons and switches can be assigned on the fly, you can program macros and profiles, and game settings can be customized for fast action.

  • Engineered for Speed

  • RESOLUTION: 2000 dpi

  • IMAGE PROCESSING: 7080 frames per second


  • MAX SPEED: 45 inches per second


  • GLIDE: 3 sets of different mouse feet (for glide preference)

  • BUTTONS (Left/Right): 9 million clicks

  • Replaceable Mouse Feet

    Choice of three different materials for glide preference.

  • Wide Metal Scroll Wheel

    Better feel and response with detent clicking action.

  • Vertical Metal Side Buttons

    The top/bottom design makes locating the side buttons easier and reduces the inadvertent actuation risk.

  • Adjustable Mouse Weights

    Select your preference of mouse weight with the included 4 weights, giving you the choice to adjust your mouse weight anywhere between 5 and 30 grams in 5 gram increments.

    Top best gaming mouse you can buy

    Choosing the best gaming mouse for your PC isn't easy these days, with so many features and loads of good mice to choose from. Various dpi settings, infrared or laser optical sensors, different numbers of buttons that might or might not be programmable ... you need to know what you're looking for. What manufacturer should you go for ... Logitech, Razer, maybe Microsoft,Saitek,Logitec,Ideason? 

    Most important feature:-
    When it comes to playing computer games, a mouse is not just a mouse. It’s important interface between you and the game. But which thing is that it makes special? And how its different from the ‘normal’ mouse.

    There are a few key features that you should look for:
    §  High Sensitivity (DPI/CPI)
    The higher the DPI or CPI value the better, up to a point. Higher sensitivity means less physical movement of the mouse to move the cursor a set distance on screen, but very high sensitivity (5000dpi or more) needs an extremely steady hand to get the best out of it.
    §  Adjustable Sensitivity
    With a highly sensitive mouse it's good to be able to adjust that sensitivity without having to take your hand from the mouse. Some mice feature buttons or keyboard shortcuts to swap between different levels, so you can go for full sensitivity in-game and turn it down for desktop apps.
    §  Programmable Buttons
    Some mice allow the buttons to be programmed to perform specific actions, or even a series of actions (a macro). Great for gaming and obviously the more programmable buttons the better.
    §  Lighting
    purely a question of taste, some mice have cool lighting effects to make them stand out from the crowd. Glowing or pulsing, red, green or blue, you should be able to find a mouse to suit your taste.
    §  Adjustable Weight
    some gamers prefer a light mouse, others prefer something a bit more chunky - being able to customize the weight of the mouse gives you the best of both worlds.
    §  Claw versus Palm Grip
    How you hold your mouse can play a big part in choosing the best gaming mouse for you. If you hold the mouse with your fingertips (claw grip) you should pick a smaller mouse, whereas if you rest your hand on the top of the mouse (palm grip) you need a bigger mouse to be comfortable.

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